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Psychological Health & Wellness

Now we know what you're thinking, what is Psychological Health & Wellness? This service is aimed at reducing several key workplace issues including the risk of conflict, grievances, turnovers, disability, injury rates, absenteeism, and performance or moral problems.

Psychological Health & Wellness

The following is an outline of the potential services that can be accessed through Strategic Health Solutions partnered with Future Vision Wellness Services. All services provided are from a holistic (whole person) perspective and with a wellness (not illness) focus. Strategies and tools are a combination of social work, psychology, emergency preparedness, adult learning principles, and with a solution-focused approach.


  • Risk Mitigation

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Recruitment and Retention

  • Organizational Excellence and Sustainability

Other positive impacts include a reduction of several key workplace issues including the risk of conflict, grievances, turnovers, disability, injury rates, absenteeism, and performance or moral problems.

Strategic Health Solutions can assist and guide workplaces to add psychological health & safety to their existing workplace health and safety plans, procedures, and resources.



Preparedness | Response | Recovery

The strategic pillars of a psychological health and safety system are: prevention of harm (the psychological safety of employees), promotion of health (promoting and maintaining psychological health), and the resolution of incidents or concerns. This can be looked at as Preparedness, Response, and Recovery (resolution of the psychological impact/concern). Both the workplace and the individual have a shared responsibility for maintaining and improving that well-being because of the diversity of influences on a person’s psychological well-being.


This would be considered pre-incident planning; being prepared for “worst case” incidents.

  • Consultation with leadership and team leads

  • Assessment of hazards (psychological) and current practices/resources to respond to critical events

  • Education/Awareness planning to improve Emergency Preparedness as it relates to psychological health & safety


This would be in response to a critical incident/event (work-related, on/off site, or non-work related) requiring psychological health & safety strategies

  • Consultation with leadership and team leads, others as requested

  • Crisis Communication, assessment of needs, triage planning

  • Provision of psychological first aid (crisis intervention support) – leaders, teams, individuals

  • Traumatic incident and grief support (not counselling or therapy)

  • Referrals to additional resources as required


This may be part of the Response piece (if accessed or activated) for a work-related incident or to a personal incident not work-related; can also refer to coaching support to people returning to work and compliments existing resources engaged (e.g., counselling, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, other)

  • Consultation with leadership and team leads as requested

  • Support and coaching to leaders and employees

  • Topics – traumatic events, personal loss, compassion fatigue, stress management, balance

  • Return to Work – coaching, tools & strategies



This can be engaged at any time; services can be tailored to an individual, group, workplace or organization; meet people/organizations where they are, to help them get to where they want to go.

  • Whole Person – Holistic Approach: Body-mind-spirit wellness & balance; supports & strategies

  • Support & Coaching: Trauma, grief, compassion fatigue, stress management, leadership and staff coaching; not counselling or therapy

  • Consultation and Facilitation: Individual, families, groups, organization; crisis management; organizational change management; team building, constructive conversations and conflict resolutions within teams.

  • Educational Workshops: Wellness, stress & balance, compassion fatigue, other

  • Energy Awareness, Tools & Strategies: Educational workshops, tools & strategies, Energy Healing sessions


Careen Condrotte

Psychological Health Consultant

Careen Condrotte is a recent addition to our Strategic Health team bringing with her an extensive background in Psychological Health & Wellness providing holistic services focused on improving the lives of her clients.

As a Registered Social Worker and Holistic Health Practitioner, Careen specializes in individuals and/or families who are anticipating or have experienced a loss. Dealing with loss is difficult for many and with COVID, the challenges are even more so. Her background and experience with trauma, grief and loss is extensive and diverse as she has spent close to 25 years working in health services within the North and at a provincial level. During that time, Careen had the opportunity to work with many kinds of people of all age groups. She has had the privilege of serving schools, First Nation communities, health care workers and First Responders.

"I strive to put compassion into action, create a safe space for others to reduce their suffering, help them find meaning and purpose to promote their own healing and growth."

For more information or to book an appointment:

Call: (780) 617-7706


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